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Maintenance prolongs the life of your air conditioning equipment, often adding years of reliable and rewarding cooling.  Neglect guarantees a steady decline in performance and efficiency, costing needless money in repair, utility bills and premature replacement.  To protect your investment, call Riley Heating & Cooling for convenient, cost-effective and quality annual service.

Save Money With Regular AC Maintenance

The best time to schedule maintenance is in the spring, before you turn that thermostat to cool.  The summer heat puts a heavy strain on your air conditioning, and when it’s working the hardest, right when you need it the most, is the most likely time for malfunctions.  To avoid sweating the humidity, waiting for replacement parts, call Riley Heating & Cooling for a preseason check-up.  Our cooling specialists will make sure your HVAC equipment is ready to handle your temperature needs, operating safely and at peak efficiency.

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Solve minor problems before they graduate into major repairs.  The professionals from Riley Heating & Cooling will perform a complete system cleaning, checking the integrity of ductwork and all add-ons, such as UV lamps.  We’ll inspect electric terminals, making sure to clean and tighten connections.  We’ll oil motors, check belts for tightness and stress, check for refrigerant leaks and measure airflow through the evaporator coil.  Through an extensive checklist, our NATE certified technicians will restore your cooling equipment to tip-top condition and make sure it lives up to the manufacturer’s expectations for energy consumption.

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Clogged drain channels restrict a cooling unit’s ability to reduce humidity, resulting in excess moisture that can discolor walls, damage wood furniture and promote insect infestation.  Evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt over months and years of service, often succumbing to mold and mildew, which insulates the coils, reducing the capacity to absorb heat.  Drains, coils, filters and fins all rely on regular maintenance to operate properly.  Without regular cleaning and tuning, dirt causes your equipment to work much harder to achieve ideal temperatures, putting excess strain on components and resulting in repairs and premature failure.

Through an affordable maintenance plan, the team from Riley Heating & Cooling will extend the life of your air conditioner.  You’ll not only enjoy extended years of comfort, you’ll pay less in energy bills.  A clean, tightened and maintained cooling unit operates far more efficiently, costing you less to operate, and better protects your indoor air quality.  For a healthy, cleaner, and more comfortable home, contact Riley Heating & Cooling. Our technicians offer quick and professional tune-ups for your air conditioner.  You’ll always speak with a live, courteous representative of our staff.

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Riley Heating & Cooling has solved the cooling needs of our friends and neighbors throughout the Melrose Park area since 1934.  Our team of skilled professionals continues to receive training in the most sophisticated techniques and latest HVAC technology, and have validated their knowledge through NATE-certification.  We are a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Comfort24-7 Provider, fully insured, bonded and licensed.  When we do a job, we do it right.  No corners are cut, not extra step not taken.  We live where we work, and our reputation is our number one recommendation.  Call us at 708-551-2303, and the team from Riley Heating & Cooling will take the worry out of your summer enjoyment.

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