High Velocity Systems

If you’re looking for a climate control system that installs without major disruption or renovation, consider the many rewards of modern high-velocity technology. You don’t need to sacrifice valuable space, give up the view from your windows, endure excessive noise levels or live with less than ideal comfort. Riley Heating & Cooling provides creative and advanced solutions without drawbacks.

High-Velocity HVAC Services

We’ve seen that conventional HVAC systems aren’t always compatible with architecturally limited, historic, or aesthetically challenging homes. Fortunately, Riley Heating & Cooling offers the option of high-velocity or “small-duct” HVAC systems. Start by calling us at 708-551-2303, get a free estimate, and let us explain how flexible mini ducts are routed through existing space inside walls, floors, and ceilings.

As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Riley Heating & Cooling rises to every challenge, customizing design to your specific home. Along with year-round temperature control, we can easily designate zones controlled by independent thermostats, allowing targeting of specific rooms for personalized comfort, occupancy requirements, and energy conservation.

Trust in our team for your high-velocity HVAC repairs, maintenance & installations!

The high-velocity system includes flexible placement of discreet vents and operates through a process called aspiration. The result is draft-free heating and cooling and very little stratification. You can expect the temperature from floor to ceiling to vary no more than two degrees higher or lower than the thermostat setting. For home improvements, high-velocity HVAC maintenance, repair, and 24/7 emergency response, look no further than Riley Heating & Cooling. We answer with a swift response across Elmwood Park, Oak Park, River Forest, Elmhurst, Westchester & Forest Park, IL.

High Velocity System Service River Forest, IL & High Velocity System Installation Oak Park, IL

High Velocity System Installation & High Velocity System Service Oak Park, IL, Elmhurst, IL, Forest Park, IL, Elmwood Park, IL, River Forest, IL & Westchester, IL

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